What does it mean to be a Churchill Fellow?

Yesterday I joined dozens of other new Churchill Fellows at a seminar organised by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. It was a great chance to learn more about the overall aim of the Trust, to get some tips on the practicalities of organising research trips as well as meeting the other new fellows and exploring synergies between our different fields and research locations.

Winston Churchill’s passionate belief was that if we can bring people from different countries and cultures together face to face, we can get to know each other properly and learn from each other in ways that will create a better world. The Trust was established on his death and with his full permission. Around 150 fellowships are awarded each year across a wide range of disciplines including mental health, the arts, migration and ‘new approaches to social and affordable housing’ which is the theme I’m travelling under.

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Meeting other housing fellows past and present!

It was great to meet the other people in the housing group, to discover shared interests and to be able to share some of my own tips from my recent trip to Cologne. We also heard from two fellows who had recently completed their research on homelessness – Sarah Walters and Amy Varle – thanks to both for your enthusiasm and willingness to share your experiences.

Germany and the Netherlands both seem like popular locations for housing research across a range of issues, so I guess I’m on the right track!


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